Ali Baba Capilano Cafe


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Ali Baba Capilano Cafe

Ali Baba Capilano Cafe | Persian/Iranian Restaurant? in North Vancouver, Canada

Restaurant owner. I went there with my friends last night. I asked owner can I use your washroom to wash my hands but he didn’t let use the washroom.

As a customer, it’s my right to use restaurant’s washroom to wash hand before eating and I always do that even when I eat at home or go to some other restaurants to eat due to health concerns.

Not even that restaurant TV was so loud that I cannot even talk to my friends so we request him to low down the volume but he refused to do that saying “I am listening” and doesn’t care about customers.

Food quality was not good either when we entered the store he told us I don’t have rice before we look at the menu. I will never recommend anyone to take your family and friends to this restaurant ever. They have no clue what customer service means and how to treat the customers.