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Attorney Azadeh's background as a PRIOR CHIROPRACTIC DOCTOR makes her the RIGHT CHOICE to ADVOCATE on your behalf!

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AK Injury Law Firm: Azadeh’s unique background sets her apart, making her an exceptional advocate for personal injury and workers’ compensation cases.

Before her legal career, Azadeh dedicated a decade to chiropractic care in California, where she witnessed the suffering of accident victims daily. Her empathy-driven transition to law school aimed to make a more significant impact and provide justice for those affected by injuries.

Azadeh’s journey continued as a Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME) for California’s Department of Worker’s Compensation. This role allowed her to bridge the gap between medical and legal aspects, offering clients unparalleled insights and support.

AK Injury Law Firm: Azadeh’s multi-faceted background enables her to understand the complexities of personal injury and workers’ compensation cases comprehensively. She’s not just an attorney but a compassionate advocate who deeply empathizes with her clients. Her unwavering commitment ensures they receive the justice and compensation they deserve in these fields.