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Abdelhadi & Associates | Dallas, Texas

Abdelhadi & Associates | Lawyer in Dallas, Texas

Abdelhadi & Associates are a professional Dallas-based law firm specializing in immigration, personal injury, family law, criminal defence, and business law. Our clients found throughout Texas and the Dallas-Fort Worth area, tell us repeatedly that we provide a higher level of service, responsiveness, attention to detail and legal expertise than they have ever experienced at other firms!

We pride ourselves in our client-centred service. Our experienced lawyers work for you as a dedicated team, focusing on your unique and individual needs with a passion only surpassed by our willingness to succeed for you.

comprehensive, Distinctive and Innovative Solutions for All Your Legal Needs” Your legal needs will be met by our dedicated, experienced, and expert team of legal professionals! Iranian attorney in Texas

Our goal is to provide every individual, family, and business client with an unparalleled experience that is driven by the fuel of exceptional legal service, true ingenuity, and sheer determination.

No matter what your situation, we’ll take care of the entire legal burden for you, leaving you with none of the hassles.

With over 20-years of client-focused experience in the Dallas Fort-Worth region, as well as throughout the great state of Texas, we continually set a benchmark for service by providing our clients with tangible results that consistently exceed expectations.

Our lawyers speak English, Spanish and Arabic.

We provide expert advice and representation in all areas of immigration, personal injury, family, criminal defence, and business law. Each case is given personalized attention with an approach that is customized to the unique needs of your legal matter.

As your dedicated lawyers and paralegals, we provide you with timely and strategic advice relating to the constantly changing laws and regulations that affect the most important aspects of your life.

Here’s How We Help: Innovative Solutions Whether it’s a personal injury, a criminal charge, a divorce, a contractual dispute, or an immigration problem, we strive to create innovative solutions for all your legal matters.

With knowledge, compassion, and expertise, our goal is to resolve disputes, negotiate fair and just settlements, and open new doors of opportunity.

Strategic and Timely Advice Our team of lawyers and paralegals develop and implement effective legal strategies in a timely matter.

We listen to your needs and concerns, discuss your personal and business goals, and provide supportive and honest advice to help get you where you need to be.

Full-Service Flexibility Because we are a full-service firm, we can approach your legal matter with a full understanding of how it affects the other aspects of your life.

Our solutions and advice are flexible because we look at your situation from every possible angle with skill and creativity.