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Fariborz Nejadpour is a FRAUD!

YOU ARE A FRAUD NEJADPOUR! Please read before retaining this GROSSLY INCOMPETENT ATTORNEY! Nejadpour, collectively has 5 disciplinary actions and suspensions against his license by the CA State Bar, with more to come! He took my hard-earned money and severely damaged my case due to his gross incompetence, lack of knowledge of the law, lack of integrity and negligence. He lied to me. HE IS A CHARLATAN. He is not a family law attorney. As the matter of the fact, he does not specialize in any specific area of the law! Dangerously he practices in several areas that he has no expertise! Be extremely aware of an attorney that is called an "idiot" and "moron" by other attorneys that know him. His practice is driven with greed, dishonesty and deception! He is using the radio (670AM KIRN) to maliciously promote himself. He is a fake and a fraud. He is a snake to shed skin to become even a bigger snake. During my case he disrespected me, was never accountable for his numerous mistakes, unprepared and forgetful, his billings were dishonest, he lacked and lacks proper law knowledge, he had extremely poor court performances with absence of any structured strategy or critical thinking, his hands and voice shakes while judge shouts at his mistakes in court!! Sadly, he is getting educated in court at his client's expense with complete lack of any remorse or any basic human decency! He is unprofessional, predatory with ZERO moral compass as attorney. He is renting a room in an solar / real estate office in Beverly Hills. He has packaged and marketed himself well and he is all rotten inside. He is a Fraud. DO NOT TRUST HIM. His hourly rate should be $0 an hour. Stay away from attorneys that are hated by the judges and other attorneys. He keeps dragging your case while filing motions with no merit to rack up your bill. Hiring him was one of my life's biggest mistakes. YOU ARE A FRAUD & A FAKE, NEJADPOUR! License Status, Disciplinary and Administrative History All changes of license status due to nondisciplinary administrative matters and disciplinary actions, based on STATE BAR OF CALIFORNIA: 4/27/2023 Disciplinary charges filed in State Bar Court 23-O-305887/2/2013 Not eligible to practice law in CA Suspended, failed to pay fees 12/19/2012 Not eligible to practice law in CA Discipline w/actual suspension 10-O-08276 5/1/2012 Disciplinary charges filed in State Bar Court 10-O-08276 2/21/2010 Not eligible to practice law in CA Discipline w/actual suspension 04-O-15235

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